Did you know that England’s Queen Victoria used to eat hash candies to ease menstrual cramps? For hundreds of years, both THC and cannabidinol (CBD) – derived products have boasted the benefits the ingredients may have for women. This not only includes that time of the month, but also for women going through menopause.

Menopause occurs in mid-life for most women and signifies the end of a regular menstrual cycle and thus, fertility. There are often negative side-effects of menopause, and can include hot flashes, depression and anxiety, fatigue, and sleep problems, which can last for months or even years pre- and post-menopause. For those whose symptoms are too much to bear, medications or hormones may be recommended. However, some women prefer a potential alternative and instead look to CBD.

There are several CBD products on the market that women experiencing symptoms of menopause may want to look into. A 2007 review found that different variations of cannabinoids were found to ease sleeplessness in menopausal women. CBD-infused cookies or tea or tinctures are easy to use and many women have voiced their appreciation for the products.

This review and others that look at CBD as treatment for menopause-related symptoms will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the healing benefits of cannabis. If you or a loved one is going through the motions of menopause, you may consider looking into CBD as a daily supplement. DiscoverCBD offers CBD in many forms, including tinctures and oils, at levels comparable to those used in the aforementioned studies. Discover CBD is here to provide you with blog postings and resources that contain only useful facts about hemp-based, legal Cannabidiol (CBD) leading you to the products that are right for you.

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